Long term temporary cement - Special implant

For cementation of temporary prosthesis (long term - until 8 months) or permanent cementation of implant-retained crowns and bridges


  • No eugenol - No interferences with permanent cements
  • High bonding strength, but with an easy removal
  • Leaves perfectly healthy gingiva after removal of the temporary crown
  • Binds to the inside of temporary crowns: the removal of the temporary crown takes off all of the cement
  • Nothing left to remove on the natural tooth and the prepared teeth stay perfectly clean
  • Rebasing and cementation in one stage
  • Can be used on vital teeth
  • Thin film – Very aesthetic result
  • Radiopaque

Dentotemp - Long term temporary cement - Special implant

More on the product

Product referencePackaging
DCCOL-1010 ultra thin and flexible tips
DT-2.102 10 ml syringes (base + catalyst) + 10 mixing spoons + 1 mixing pad
DTCA1-51 Automix syringe (5 ml) + 5 mixing tips
DTCA2-202 Automix syringes (5 ml) + 20 mixing tips
DTCA4-VP4 Automix syringes (5 ml) + 40 mixing tips
DENTOTEMP - Protocol

DentoTemp can be mixed with a small amount of petroleum jelly to reduce its retention A Furrer plier is particularly adept to removing temporary elements DentoTemp binds to the inside of the temporary crown. Resealing the temporary element is easy with the addition of extra DentoTemp For a temporary cementation on a composite restored tooth, isolate the core

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