Self-etching and self-adhesive permanent resin cement

Specially formulated for metal

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TotalCem is dedicated to permanent cementation of: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts.

  • All in one: Etching + Bonding + Cement
  • Exceptional bonding strength
  • Dual curing (Light- or self-curing)
    • Guaranteed curing in areas with limited light penetration
    • Optimized gel state for an easy removal of excess: simply cure for 3-4s 
  • Film thickness =10 μm
  • Perfect seal
  • Radiopaque 250% of Al 
  • Can be used on vital teeth
  • 2 shades available: Universal A2 & Translucent
  • Long term shade stability
  • Keep refridgerated after use
  • 3 types of intra-oral tips: (fine, extra-fine and ultra-fine Colibri)

Class IIa medical device reserved for professional dental use, not reimbursed by health insurance organizations under the LPPR.
Certification body CE0425 ICIM.
Manufacturer: Itena Clinical - France
Carefully read the instructions for use on the package leaflet or on the label before use.

More on the product

Product referencePackagingShade
TCEM3-VPA23 automix syringes (8 g) + 30 mixing tips + 30 fine intra-oral tips + 30 extra-fine intra-oral tipsA2
TCEM3-VPTR3 automix syringes (8 g) + 30 mixing tips + 30 thin intra-oral tips + 30 extra-thin intra-oral tipsTranslucent
TTLCEM-A21 automix syringe (8 g) + 10 mixing tips + 10 fine intra-oral tips + 10 extra-fine intra-oral tipsA2
TTLCEM-TR1 automix syringe (8 g) + 10 mixing tips + 10 fine intra-oral tips + 10 extra-fine intra-oral tipsTranslucent
TOTALCEM - Protocol EN
  • Before applying TotalCem, the dentine must be dry, but not too dry
  • For inlays and onlays, etching the enamel edges with phosphoric acid is recommended, in order to increase the bonding strength (while taking care of not spreading over onto the dentine)
  • How to clean the root canal before applying TotalCem, in order to have an optimum cementation: Remove all residues of gutta percha with a calibrated drill. Pass over it with an ultrasonic probe. Rinse well and dry without over-drying. Apply TotalCem with an extra-fine intra-oral tip
  • TotalCem has not been developed to adhere to enamel with no mechanical support (eg. dental brackets, veneers)

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