Dental dams

Pre-cut latex and non-latex dental dams used as isolation barriers during endodontic and dental procedures.

Hypersensitivity reduction

  • Powder concentration less than 2 mg
  • Non-latex IsoSafe: made of polyisoprene

Tear and tensile resistance

  • High elongation over 700%
  • Uniform thickness:
    - 0.28mm IsoSafe latex
    - 0.25mm IsoSafe non-latex
  • Tensile resistance:
    ≥ 24 MPa IsoSafe latex
    ≥ 20 MPa IsoSafe non-latex

Color contrast :

  • Tooth visibility within the dental arch

More on the product

Product referencePackaging
ISDALA6X6BL-36IsoSafe latex dental dam Box of 36 sheets
SDANL6X6PU-15IsoSafe non-latex dental dam Box of 15 sheets

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