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Discover DENTOCROWN HD, the new formula of DENTOCROWN, for ever more qualitative restorations!
On the eve of this new launch, our R&D Engineer, Sarah ELMAM, takes the floor to explain the advantages of this new product to you.

First of all, can you remind us what DENTOCROWN HD is?
DENTOCROWN HD is a chemo-curing composite resin intended for the fabrication of all your temporary restorations, namely your crowns, bridges, inlays / onlays and veneers.
It is offered as a 1: 1 cartridge compatible with standard guns on the market, in three shades: A1, A2 and A3.

Why this change?
In order to rationalize the range, we wanted to concentrate our efforts on the cartridge format. We also had feedback from dental offices indicating that the DENTOCROWN shades were slightly different from the standard shades observed on the reference shade guides. We have therefore corrected this discrepancy while reviewing the DENTOCROWN formula to make it easier to use for you dentists, and more comfortable for your patients!

Concretely, what has changed?
Beyond a new name and a new packaging, DENTOCROWN HD offers both practitioners and patients increased working comfort:
- Fast and complete setting in just 2:30 minutes
- Shades closer to your usual standards for increased aesthetics
- A weakly exothermic polymerization reaction which protects the pulp tissue from physical, bacterial and thermal chemical attacks or lesions.
- A product that does not heat up during insertion into the mouth
- Mixing tips with fins for better grip

I was a loyal user of DENTOCROWN, what does that change for me?
If you were used to using the older DENTOCROWN version, you might find:
- A different extrusion: the formulation of DENTOCROWN HD has been revised compared to that of DENTOCROWN; its consistency is slightly changed
- Changed shades: as explained previously, we have worked to bring the mentionned shades closer to the reference shades such as those that can be seen on a standard shade guide.
- A more aesthetic result thanks to this improvement in color and a smooth and shiny surface finish

Where can I get this product?
Please contact your local distributor to get the product.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions:


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