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Discover our new tool for dentists: the Periodontics kit.

Consisting of periodontal risk assessment sheets, a periodontal and surgical guide and a KLIRICH brochure, this kit will allow you to accurately determine the most appropriate protocol according to the periodontal involvement of your patient.

- The periodontal risk assessment sheet: for each patient, carry out a complete examination by following the steps indicated and fill in the indicators to make a therapeutic decision.
- The periodontal and surgical guide: according to the diagnosis previously established with the evaluation sheet, select the protocol adapted to the periodontal care of your patient. The guide also suggets you the periodontal sanitation protocol to follow after surgery.
- The KLIRICH brochure: discover KLIRICH and its benefits, its complete protocol, case examples as well as testimonials from practitioners convinced of its effectiveness!

Consult the tools:
The periodontal risk assessment sheet
The periodontal and surgical guide
The KLIRICH brochure

To receive your periodontics kit (10 evaluation sheets + 1 periodontal and surgical guide + 1 KLIRICH brochure), click on the "Periodontics Kit" button at this link and fill in your postal address:


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