Research & Development

ITENA Clinical focuses its energy on research and development in order to stay innovative and competitive. The scientific teams are working together with renowned opinion leaders as they are essential to the technological advance. Major universities are also partners of our success by working with us on clinical studies.

The expertise of corono-radicular restorations

Key player on the post systems market in France, ITENA Clinical built its reputation around the system of double clipping DentoClic. We propose a complete range to make direct and indirect reconstructions by guaranteeing a perfect compatibility between products.

A look back at the history of ITENA CLINICAL

  • 2003

    Creation of the company ITENA CLINICAL
    Launch of DENTOTEMP and first participation at the ADF Dental convention

  • 2005

    ITENA CLINICAL makes its first steps in Asia.

  • 2007

    DENTOCLIC French leader in post system

  • 2012

    Creation of ITENA North America

  • 2013

    ITENA CLINICAL grows its R&D department and launch of a full range of impression materials

  • 2015

    Launch of TOTALC-RAM cement for ceramics

  • 2017

    ITENA expands and enters the hybrid ceramics market with the launch of NUMERYS HC

  • 2018

    Development of Endodontic range with MTA BIOREP and MTA BIOSEAL