Research & Development

ITENA Clinical focuses its energy on research and development in order to stay innovative and competitive. The scientific teams are working together with renowned opinion leaders as they are essential to the technological advance. Major universities are also partners of our success by working with us on clinical studies.

The expertise of corono-radicular restorations

Key player on the post systems market in France, ITENA Clinical built its reputation around the system of double clipping DentoClic. We propose a complete range to make direct and indirect reconstructions by guaranteeing a perfect compatibility between products.

ITENA Clinical greatests innovations

  • 1999

    Double Dentoclic system is launched on the market

  • 2005

    First self-etching sealant for pits and fissure – PreventSeal

  • 2007

    DentoTemp that first long temporary cement is launched on the market. This product can last up until eight months in the mouth.

  • 2011

    New performance reamers with straight blades. Its higher cutting capacity is due to its sharp edges and high sharpness.

  • 2014

    HYDROSPEED HD is launched on the market. This high precision Polyvinylsiloxane addition-type silicone impression material combines a TAHNI and aluminium silicate to increase its hydrophilic properties 

  • 2015

    IRRIGATYS, the only system that provides the solution and strongly activates the liquid for precise cleaning.

  • 2016

    Launch of Numerys HC, hybrid resine/ceramic blocks for Cad/Cam systems 
    Ideal for all very thin surfaces to mill

  • 2018

    Launch of MTA Biorep, a bioceramic reparative cement. To be used as a supplement for your obturation cement, it forms a barrier and also favors the remineralization of tissues.  Its fast setting time of 15 minutes allows you a treatment in 1 session.