Anterior and posterior universal light-cured composite material

Use for restorations of posterior teeth and anterior teeth requiring a higher level of aesthetic (filling of lesions Class I to V, Repair of fractured teeth, corrections of the tooth shape and color, primary teeth).

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Reflectys is a light-cured micro-hybrid composite reinforced with nano-fillers. The filler content (80%) is embedded in a resin matrix (20%). Reflectys contains particles of different sizes and structure that enhance the material’s mechanical resistance and aesthetic properties. 

Exceptional aesthetic

  • True reflection of natural teeth
  • Joints cannot be seen: invisible restorations
  • Low polymerization shrinkage: better marginal adaptation

Easy to handle

  • Does not stick to instruments & gloves
  • Quick to sculpt, easy to polish

A wide shade selection with tooth-matching aesthetics (17 shades)

Reflectys - Anterior and posterior universal light-cured composite material

More on the product

Product referencePackagingShade
CPTYS-A120 Compules (0.25g)A1
CPTYS-A220 Compules (0.25g)A2
CPTYS-A2020 Compules (0.25g)A2O
CPTYS-A320 Compules (0.25g)A3
CPTYS-A3.520 Compules (0.25g)A3.5
CPTYS-A3020 Compules (0.25g)A3O
CPTYS-A420 Compules (0.25g)A4
CPTYS-B120 Compules (0.25g)B1
CPTYS-B220 Compules (0.25g)B2
CPTYS-B320 Compules (0.25g)B3
CPTYS-BLC20 Compules (0.25g)Bleach
CPTYS-C220 Compules (0.25g)C2
CPTYS-C320 Compules (0.25g)C3
CPTYS-D320 Compules (0.25g)D3
CPTYS-E20 Compules (0.25g)E
CPTYS-I20 Compules (0.25g)I
CPTYS-P20 Compules (0.25g)P
KTYS-4.1BRestoration Kit: 4 REFLECTYS syringes: A2 / A3 / A3.5 / B2 +1 IPERBOND MAX bottle -
KTYS7.2-BEStratification kit : 7 Reflectys syrinA1 / A2 / A3 / A2O / A3O / E / Iges : + 4 DentoEtch syringes + 1 Iperbond Max -
SRTYS-A11 syringe (4g)A1
SRTYS-A21 syringe (4g)A2
SRTYS-A201 syringe (4g)A2O
SRTYS-A31 syringe (4g)A3
SRTYS-A3.51 syringe (4g)A3.5
SRTYS-A301 syringe (4g)A3O
SRTYS-A41 syringe (4g)A4
SRTYS-B11 syringe (4g)B1
SRTYS-B21 syringe (4g)B2
SRTYS-B31 syringe (4g)B3
SRTYS-BLC1 syringe (4g)Bleach
SRTYS-C21 syringe (4g)C2
SRTYS-C31 syringe (4g)C3
SRTYS-D31 syringe (4g)D3
SRTYS-E1 syringe (4g)E
SRTYS-I1 syringe (4g)I
SRTYS-P1 syringe (4g)P

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