Drills with helicoidal or straight blades

The complete range of drills allows a perfect root canal shaping

Cylindro-conical drills and Performance drills can be use with: steel and burn-out posts glass-fiber posts, titanium posts. They intended for shaping the canal to the dimensions of the cylindro-conical post.

Performance drills higher cutting capacity owing to its straight blades, its sharp edges, its working tip and its high sharpness.

Conical drills intended for reaming the canal to the dimensions of a conical post

Pilot, Gates & Largo/Peeso drills are intended for enlarging the root canal opening

  • Pilot drills designed to locate the canal axis in an endodontic treatment
  • Gates drills & Largo/Peeso drills intended for enlarging the root canal opening

More on the product

Product referenceColorPost typeDiameterLenght
CF4-01White4 conical drills - -
CF4-02Red4 conical drills - -
CF4-MIXMix 2+24 conical drills - -
DFA4-012White4 cylindro-conical drills1.2mm -
DFB4-135Blue4 cylindro-conical drills1.5mm -
DFJ4-095Yellow4 cylindro-conical drills1.3mm -
DFN4-175Black4 cylindro-conical drills1.7mm -
DFR4-115Red4 cylindro-conical drills1.4mm -
DFV4-010Purple4 cylindro-conical drills1.0mm -
DFV4-155Green4 cylindro-conical drills1.6mm -
FG1-28 -6 Gates drills0.5mm28 mm
FG1-32 -6 Gates drills0.5mm32 mm
FG2-28 -6 Gates drills0.7mm28 mm
FG2-32 -6 Gates drills0.7mm32 mm
FG3-28 -6 Gates drills0.9mm28 mm
FG3-32 -6 Gates drills0.9mm32 mm
FG4-28 -6 Gates drills1.10mm28 mm
FG4-32 -6 Gates drills1.10mm32 mm
FG5-28 -6 Gates drills1.30mm28 mm
FG5-32 -6 Gates drills1.30mm32 mm
FG6-28 -6 Gates drills1.50mm28 mm
FG6-32 -6 Gates drills1.50mm32 mm
FGASSORT-28 -6 Gates drillsMix28 mm
FGASSORT-32 -6 Gates drillsMix32 mm
FL1-28 -6 Largo drills0.728 mm
FL1-32 -6 Largo drills0.7mm32 mm
FL2-28 -6 Largo drills0.928 mm
FL2-32 -6 Largo drills0.9mm32 mm
FL3-28 -6 Largo drills1.1028 mm
FL3-32 -6 Largo drills1.10mm32 mm
FL4-28 -6 Largo drills1.30mm28 mm
FL4-32 -6 Largo drills1.30mm32 mm
FL5-28 -6 Largo drills1.5028 mm
FL5-32 -6 Largo drills1.50mm32 mm
FL6-28 -6 Largo drills1.7028 mm
FL6-32 -6 Largo drills1.70mm32 mm
FLASSORT-28 -6 Largo drillsMix28 mm
FLASSORT-32 -6 Largo drillsMix32 mm
FP-075 -4 Pilote drills0.75mm -
FP-090 -4 Pilote drills0.90mm -
FP-095 -4 Pilote drills0.95mm -
FP-105 -4 Pilote drills1.05mm -
FPASSORT -4 Pilote drillsMix -
FPFA-1.2White3 Performance drills1.2mm -
FPFB-1.5Blue3 Performance drills1.5mm -
FPFJ-1.3Yellow3 Performance drills1.3mm -
FPFN-1.7Black3 Performance drills1.7mm -
FPFR-1.4Red3 Performance drills1.4mm -
FPFV-1.6Green3 Performance drills1.6mm -

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