Professionnal teeth whitening kit

Professional whitening kit for office treatment formulated with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

Offer your patients a pure-ly beautiful smile in only one session!

  • FAST: single intervention in the office. The treatment is carried out in 1 to 3 stages within the office.
  • SIMPLE: all the necessary instruments for an optimal rendering, available in introduction kit or in value pack containing:
    • PURE OFFICE whitening gel syringe (s) with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
    • PURE PROTECT gingival barrier syringe (s) 
  • ECONOMIC: 5 g PURE OFFICE syringe
    • Neutral pH to facilitate complete release of peroxide and ensure optimal patient comfort.
    • Taste of mint

More on the product

Product referenceComposition
PROF35-C11 PURE OFFICE whitening gel (5 g) + 2 PURE PROTECT gingival barrier syringes
PROF35-RF33 PURE OFFICE whitening gel syringes (5 g) + 6 PURE PROTECT gingival barrier PURE PROTECT

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