Universal adhesive

IPERBOND MAX is a one-component, self-etching, light-curing universal adhesive for reliable bonding in one step. Its formulation based on 4-META and 10-MDP acidic monomers, which act as powerful structural agents, allows a tenacious bond to both dentin and enamel.

Its strengths:

  • Universal adhesive: etching, primer and bonding in one bottle
  • Incorporates 10-MDP and 4-META monomers: high bonding strength on both enamel and dentin
  • Optimized viscosity and high thixotropy: adhesion via a homogeneous layer without excess
  • Light-curing in just 10 seconds
  • Freedom in the choice of protocol: E&R (etching-rinsing) or SE (self-etching system) techniques
  • Stable material over time - does not require storage in the refrigerator
  • Gentle etching, which reduces the risk of hyper-sensitivity (2> pH> 2.5)
  • 1 single bottle, 1 single application and only 10 seconds of polymerization: fast, simple and reliable


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IBONDMAX55 ml bottle

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