Bioceramic reparative cement

MTA BIOREP is an endodontic bioceramic reparative cement with high plasticity indicated for treatment of root canal and furcation perforations caused by carious or iatrogenic lesions as well as treatment of root perforations, pulp capping, pulpotomy, apexogenesis, apexification or periapical surgery with reverse filling.

  • Bioceramic reparative cement with MTA
  • Fast setting time - 15 minutes : treatment in only one session
  • The particles’ size after hydration in this new formula allows an easy manipulation and insertion into the dental cavity.
  • The addition of a new radiopacifier, Calcium Tungstate (CaOW4), does not cause root or crown staining and discoloration.
  • Low solubility
  • Excellent marginal sealing ability through a controlled setting expansion, which hinders the migration of microorganisms and fluids into the root canal.
  • Excellent biological sealing of root perforation sites due to periradicular cement formation.
  • The induction of a dentine shield formation when used on pulp exposures in cases of pulp capping.
  • MTA BIOREP can be used in a wet environment without alteration of its properties.

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Product referenceQuantity
MTA-BRP2.22 powder capsules + 2 mixing liquids
MTA-BRP5.55 powder capsules + 5 mixing liquids

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