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Smoking promotes the development of many dental conditions.
Discover the main oral diseases caused by tobacco and the ITENA solutions to remedy them.

Smoking changes the physiology of the oral system. It is the cause of chemical attacks, but also promotes the proliferation of bacteria, the development of periodontal disease and bad breath.

Many oral diseases are the direct result of tobacco consumption:

- The coloring of the teeth

Its main ingredients (tar, nicotine) cause progressive coloring of the teeth, especially in the lower incisors, most often in direct contact with the cigarette filter.

To restore shine to teeth discolored by tobacco, Itena offers its PURE OFFICE whitening kit, available as an intro kit (1 patient) and value pack (3 patients).


- Caries

Smoking also increases the risk of cavities. Indeed, saliva has anti-bacterial properties which are neutralized by tobacco. Saliva is no longer able to fight against acid attacks caused by food, which promotes the development of cavities.

Itena's PREVENTSEAL is a pit & fissures sealant that helps protect teeth from cavities by preventing the build-up of food residues in tooth pits and fissures.

- Gingivitis or periodontitis

The risk of gingivitis and periodontitis is much greater in smokers. Indeed, their gums have a stronger inflammatory tendency because tobacco alters the nature of the periodontium because of its vasoconstrictor effect. Tartar and dental plaque develop more easily in this type of population. Tobacco consumption also promotes the formation of canker sores.

To relieve dental ailments such as mouth ulcers, gingivitis, periodontitis, Itena has developed an innovative periodontal gel, based on plants: KLIRICH®. Thanks to its film-forming texture and the synergy of the natural ingredients that compose it, irritated mucous membranes are quickly relieved.

PS: solutions exist to quit smoking, as a healthcare professional do not hesitate to refer your patients to the available aids.