Flowable universal composite material

Ideal for areas with difficult access

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Indicated for:

  • Filling of minor invasive preparations with carious lesions
  • Surface fillings of Class I, III and V
  • Liners combined with high viscosity composite materials
  • Marginal repairs to current composite fillings or inlays
  • Reinforcement of teeth after traumatic event or with weakened periodont


  • Excellent thixotropy: flows perfectly under pressure but stays in the cavity
  • High aesthetic result: easy to polish, durable shining, long lasting shade
  • Real reflection of natural teeth
  • Exceptional abrasive resistance
  • Contains fluoride
  • Radiopaque
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Light-curing

Reflectys flow - Universal flow composite

More on the product

Product referencePackagingShade
FWTYS-A11 syringe (2 g) + 10 tipsA1
FWTYS-A21 syringe (2 g) + 10 tipsA2
FWTYS-A31 syringe (2 g) + 10 tipsA3
FWTYS-A3.51 syringe (2 g) + 10 tipsA3.5
FWTYS-B21 syringe (2 g) + 10 tipsB2
FWTYS-B31 syringe (2 g) + 10 tipsB3

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